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CalLab for Measurement Co. was established to translate the vision of Bana medical group Co alongside Mesned Pharma consult center MPCC in quality commitment.

We provide calibration, Validation, and Temperature Mapping services through a professional team and a modern environmentally controlled laboratory and ISO/IEC: 17025 SAAC accredited with the highest and newest branded instruments.

Callab Metrology is proud to be accredited in ISO/IEC: 17025 by the Saudi Accreditation Center.


Our commitment is to raise quality standards and requirements to help and improve the calibration and qualification systems to provide a more accurate and better-quality measurement environment in the GCC.


We provide expert physical, chemical, mechanical, and thermodynamic instrument calibration, and full Qualification studies/tests services both on- the customer site location and in-Callab laboratory.

Our Validation services, protocols, and procedures are performed regarding WHO and GMP Guidelines and SFDA requirements as well as our calibration SOPs and certificates which comply with NIST and ISO/IEC: 17025 requirements.

1. Calibration 

  • Temperature Calibration 
  • Pressure & D. Pressure Calibration
  •  Humidity Calibration
  • Mass (Weight standers and scales calibration)
  • Volumetric Calibration
  • Dimensional Calibration
  • Other instruments (PH, TDS, Tachometer, Air Velocity, LUX, Sound)

2. Validation and Qualification IQ, OQ, PQ

  • Autoclave validation 
  • Lyophilizer Validation
  • Dehydrogenation Tunnel validation
  • SIP and Filling lines Validation
  • Dry and Vacuum Ove Validation
  • Stability Chamber Mapping
  • Warehouse Mapping
  • Cold Room, Refrigerator, and Ice Box Mapping 
  • Transportation vehicle

3. Cleanroom Qualification tests \ Area classifications

  • Biosafety and Fume hood Qualification 
  •  Airborne particle count
  • Filter integrity test (DOP/PAO test)
  • Number of Air change ACPH
  • Air Velocity
  • Recovery test
  • Combustion gases for boilers
  • Airflow visualization test or smoke pattern
  • Qualification tests for Compressed Air Contaminants


 MPCC (a member of Bana Group) was established in 2005 and is now the healthcare industry’s FIRST choice for sustainable outsourcing of Regulatory affairs, Clinical Research and Technical consulting services in the Middle East.