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ARABMED is a Contract Research Organization CRO one of the leader regional Contract Research Organization CRO, providing high quality services in Middle East and Africa with coverage Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Gulf States, focused on clinical studies, monitoring services, and a range of pharmaceutical industry specific consultancy   and training services, based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Since 2005, we provide professional flexible solutions supporting our clients to optimize allocation of their research resources achieving timely results in a effective manner.  ARABMED is committed to deliver services of scientific quality, management expertise, and precision based on reliable technologies. 

To date, we have performed many clinical trials and many Registration & Regulatory submissions offering cumulative professional experience of 12 years.

In our daily operations we follow Standard Operating Procedures SOPs adhering to the International Conference on Harmonization of Good Clinical Practice ICH-GCP

We support pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in their effort to promptly bring their products to market. Our regulatory SFDA expertise, Phase II-IV clinical research services, integrated eClinical technologies, and advanced commercialization services all work together to move you through the development journey more smoothly and cost-effectively from beginning to end.


  • Project Management.
  • Regulatory Affairs.
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control.
  • Clinical / Medical Monitoring Center or Sponsor.
  • Feasibility and Site Selection.
  • Site Management.
  • Risk Management and GAP Analysis. 
  • Pharmacovigilance.
  • Medical Writing.
  • Data Management.
  • Drug and Laboratory Supply Logistics.
  • Training and Education.
  • Regulatory Approvals and SFDA Communications; as we have good and trustful relationship with the SFDA, which make us superior in submissions and getting approvals.
  • Good Disrepute Practice: MCRO has experience in GDP audit which done by certified from GDP associated membership.
  • Patient Education and Awareness.
  • Renewal of Import and Export Licenses; due to our good relationship with the authorities, MESNED CRO team can finalize Renewal of Import and Export Licenses fast and professional way.
  • Real World Evidence; patients or physician surveys, prospective studies, & real-world data identification and collection.

ARABMED CRO is full-service clinical research organization with long experience on rare diseases in different therapeutic areas as well as supportive care indications. 

Our highly qualified and experienced employees are enthusiastic, genuine and have a critical focus on integrity and results. We are flexible and transparent in all our operations, which will be positively reflected in the services provided to our customers.

 ARABMED CRO Case Studies

  •  Dairy Product, benefits, and effectiveness; Probiotics in dairy products and its effect on general gastrointestinal health and irritable bowel syndrome specifically, Dairy Products and bone health, & Milk and Dairy Products for human health.
  • Lung, breast cancer.
  • Anti- thrombotic.
  • Ovarian stimulation. 
  • Children with growth failure. 
  • Diabetes. 
  •  Multi vessel diseases (coronary stenosis).
  • Herpes zoster.

ARABMED CRO Therapeutic Areas

  • CNS
  • Hematology
  • Endocrinology/Metabolic Diseases
  • Immunology
  • Dermatology
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Oncology
  • Cardiology/ vascular disease
  • Genetic Disease
  • Ophthalmology        
  • Respiratory diseases, Allergy and Asthma.

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 MPCC (a member of Bana Group) was established in 2005 and is now the healthcare industry’s FIRST choice for sustainable outsourcing of Regulatory affairs, Clinical Research and Technical consulting services in the Middle East.