About Us

Ph. Abdullah Al-Mesned

Is the Founder & Chairman of MPCC and Mesned CRO; a leading healthcare consultation company in KSA and GCC.

Ph. Abdullah Al-Mesned

He was the former head of registration department of General Directorate of Medical and Pharmaceutical Licenses and member of the Consultant Committee in Saudi FDA. Abdullah holds B.Sc. degree from King Saudi University 1993 and M.Sc. Industrial Pharmacy from King Saud University 2001. He was a member of scientific board of pharmacy for more than 8 years and he is a member of the Consultant Committee in the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine and Member in the Medical Committee in Chamber of Commerce in Saudi Arabia. This year Abdullah chosen to be Member in National Committee of Bioethics (NCBE) in King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST), which is the higher committee in KSA controlling all researches in all Hospitals.


Contact Information:

Phone: +966 9200 19011

Mobile: +966 55 540 8669

Email: mesned@mesned.com


Address: Bana Medical Company

Building No. 3533, 2nd Floor, Al Hawiy Street

Hitteen Dist., Riyadh 13516, Saudi Arabia



Your gateway to Pharmaceutical marketing in the GCC.

Mesned Pharma Consult Center (MPCC) was established in 2005 and is now the healthcare industry’s FIRST choice for sustainable outsourcing of Regulatory affairs, Clinical Research and Technical consulting services in the Middle East.

Your gateway to Pharmaceutical marketing in the GCC.

Whatever your needs, Product Registration, Clinical Trials or Training we can resource any healthcare project, regardless of size and timescale. The increasingly complex medical regulations and requirements of Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC) regional health authorities, and the need to remain abreast of rapid changes in global and local markets, requires dedicated teams of consultants and an organization focused firmly on the healthcare sector and we have specialist consultants, enabling us to support clients across all key healthcare sectors, including pharmaceuticals, biotech, consumer healthcare, medical devices and generics.

Our Mission

Our commitment is to making a meaningful difference to patients’ health, founded on innovative science and making the most of the opportunities of new sciences and technologies to the search for new medicines for the Arab world.

Our Mission

Our Objectives

To Provide Customer Satisfaction

  • We provide expert and specialized knowledge.
  • Our team focus is Customer satisfaction.
  • Our rigorous attention to details and sense of urgency ensure that we seize the opportunity when it is available and be innovative in everything we do.
Our Objectives

To Provide Performance Excellence

  • Focus on the Project to achieve results.
  • We measure our results and strive for excellence in everything.

To deliver Quality

  • To be proactive rather than reactive.
  • We plan and manage change so that every project is completed cost-effectively, and on time.
  • We communicate openly and share our ideas.

To Provide Value through creating Innovation

  • We create innovation, by applying the lessons learnt.
  • We explore effective ways of sharing knowledge through Training and learning from past successes and failures; improving performance through learning and leadership we have expertise from all facets of the industry from Product development to commercialization.